The Easiest Way to Get Offchain Data for Your Smart Contract

Make a serverless or no-code webhook and access it through Chainlink

Testnet contracts use testnet LINK - basically free!

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Connect to Your Favorite Chains

A Short Demo

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Make Oracles Easily

Connecting on-chain contracts with off-chain resources shouldn't be an expensive burden. Do it the nodeless way.

Code Templates

Start your code right with template code for your smart contract and the webhooks.

Find savings with serverless

Use your preferred endpoint. You can even use something completely serverless!

Recover your time

Speed up time to shipping by simplifying the process of getting the data you need from off chain - or send out your commands to the world!

Gasless Transactions
Free on Testnet

Free To Start, Easy to Scale

Testnet Only

Test All You Want - we'll make more

  • Make more webhooks
  • Reasonable access limits
  • Great for hackathons
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If you have more tiers or lots of features, try the table.

0.1 LINK/request
  • Mainnet chains
  • No limits
  • Great for MVPs
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